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Mar 08, 2021YourLocalReader rated this title 5 out of 5 stars
Circe is a creative retelling of Circe, the infamous Greek sorceress, and it describes the story of her life that the myths left out. I have been having luck with novels recently, and this is my second five-star novel of the year. The book is ambitious, and I have never encountered a novel dedicated to Circe’s perspective. Circe is such a beautiful piece of literature and one of the best retellings I have encountered in adult literature. The characterization of Circe was by far the best part of this novel. Circe is such a smart, kind, and feminist character that you can’t help but sympathize with; I loved reading about her thoughts of the world around her. Circe’s interactions with other characters all have their purpose in shaping her personality and vulnerability. She isn’t perfect, but she contains many flaws that only strengthen her narrative. This novel is brutally honest, and it doesn’t skimp on many societal topics of sexism, rape, isolation, and motherhood. I appreciated this novel even more because I’m a huge fan of Greek mythology. The reader can tell that the author spent so much research into her myths to create this magnificent world. The plot is slow, but it’s purposefully slow to allow the interactions and characters to build upon themselves. The romance wasn’t the main focus, but it was a tiny subplot. There wasn’t a distraction from the haunting narrative of Circe, and the author’s writing style has that distinctive lyrical characteristic to it that leaves the reader mesmerized with the quotes. I read the author’s other Greek mythology novel, The Song of Achilles. It was no surprise that I adored that novel too! I would recommend this novel to anyone who was a fan of The Song of Achilles since they both contain the captivating writing style and modern Greek mythology; however, the Song of Achilles was more focused on romance than the individual story. This novel was beautifully dark, feminist, and crafted to interest the audience. Rating: 5 stars TW: Rape, mentions of sexual activity, brief mentions of violence Age Recommendation: 15+ (based on reader’s maturity)