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Feb 02, 2021khristinemarcinowski rated this title 5 out of 5 stars
Wow. Incredibly wholesome, sweet, and tremendous book. This falls along side with Radio Silence in terms of coming of age, love and friendship. Just wow. Easily one of my favorite books. This beautiful novel follows Ari, a young, brooding, yet endearing, teenage boy trying to find his way in life. When Ari meets the bright and optimistic Dante, Ari realizes that they are polar opposites. Where Ari carries a lonesome and melancholy way about him, Dante shines bright in his optimistic love of life, art and poetry. I loved that this coming-of-age contemporary, was honest and didn't associate the characters with dramatic tropes, it didn't try to sensational the natural experiences young people go through. Instead, this was written in a way that delivered those delicate moments subtly and with meaning.