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Oct 28, 2019Summerday18 rated this title 5 out of 5 stars
Lovely! Graham, Lord Wharton, finds relief from boredom by meeting a striking woman in green behind a potted palm. The mysterious Kit, Katherine FitzGilbert, has escaped the ton after an incident that resulted in an unexpected baby. Now Kit works to protect women and their children from the titled men who took advantage of them. But the residents of Haven Manor, the hidden foster home she founded, have no idea that her persuasive style in obtaining parental support involves threatening to air other dirty laundry discovered about the fathers. Curiously, Graham finds himself in a secluded forest where the “hidden treasures” are secretly cared for. He discovers that children can be endlessly entertaining, while the kids are delighted to have a father figure who is a great storyteller. The precarious state of the refuge, especially after rumours begin to swirl and safety is in question, keeps the pages turning.