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The News
A User's Manual
Book - 2014
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Virtual Unreality
Just Because the Internet Told You, How Do You Know It's True?
Book - 2014
How to Find Out Anything
From Extreme Google Searches to Scouring Government Documents, A Guide to Uncovering Anything About Everyone and Everything
Book - 2012
Why Libraries Matter More Than Ever in the Age of Google
Book - 2015
Debunk It!
How to Stay Sane in A World of Misinformation
Book - 2014
Why You Should Question Everything
Book - 2013
Too Big to Know
Rethinking Knowledge Now That the Facts Aren't the Facts, Experts Are Everywhere, and the Smartest Person in the Room Is the Room
Book - 2011
The Organized Mind
Thinking Straight in the Age of Information Overload
Book - 2014
The Shallows
What the Internet Is Doing to Our Brains
Book - 2010
Losing the News
The Future of the News That Feeds Democracy
Book - 2009
Smarter Than You Think
How Technology Is Changing Our Minds for the Better
Book - 2013
This Book Is Overdue!
How Librarians and Cybrarians Can Save Us All
Book - 2010
Censored 2017
The Top Censored Stories and Media Analysis of 2015-2016
Book - 2016
The Power of Off
The Mindful Way to Stay Sane in A Virtual World
Book - 2017
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