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I struggle to compose my thoughts about this book (what is it? a drama, a fantasy, a thriller, a documentary, a history lesson, ...)
A third of the way through, having been introduced to all the characters, the roots, I loved it and had very high hopes.
If you didn't already know a ton about trees, the revelations about forests and their interconnectedness and impacts are amazing, and these, along with the significant social and philosophical questions that are explored, have to be considered the trunk.
The quotes, excerpts, writing within the writing, and descriptions of nature are poetic and evocative, the beautiful flowers of the story.
The writing is masterful: sentence structure, vocabulary and the realistic characters and their relationships.
The story branches and we follow several branches out to the tips, but we aren't really sure where anything is going, and it just didn't go where I hoped it might.
I was left unsatisfied and not in the "wanting-more" sense, just disappointed.

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